Monday, November 17, 2008


This week I have not had enough time to blog, so, I have taken to always carrying a journal. If I have an observation or thought of value I scribble it down before my college-fried brain forgets. This epic session of blogging is the fruit of those random scribbles. Anyhow, today I am sitting on the bus, journal in my lap, when an older Korean man sits next to me. He looks over my shoulder as I write but I pay no attention because I assume he can’t read English…an unfortunate assumption. Soon, the man starts miming the things I jot down. He began by feign chugging a beer and I closed the journal when he started to pretend tackle the other passengers. In retrospect, I should have started writing things like "do the chicken dance" but I was too dumb-stricken. If I hadn’t already chosen to broadcast my most moronic moments, this man would have made the decision for me in his humiliating version of charades.
P.S. When he left he saluted me.


Shan bam said...


I got your voicemail today and I listened to it a few times because your voice was oddly crisp and clear and, well, I miss hearing it.

Is it snowing there? Is there even weather?

Carol said...

You are so going to get arrested...stealing tweety bird blankets, smothering small children, flashing your undies while climbing through a window and now brawling in the streets :-O
I love and miss you!! Pleeeese send me your address so I can write you before they haul you off to jail.

Tia said...

My Dearest,,, I would do the "Chicken Dance" for you! Agree with yer mum,,,,,need your home address whether that be your 'street'address or 'cell' address!!!!!
Aunt Lindie

Kelli said...

Leslie, I miss you. It's all I can even begin to say besides "LMAO," but that just won't do.