Wednesday, November 5, 2008

American proof noodles

In this first week I have developed somewhat of a routine. Every morning I wake up to the Jackson 5’s ABC song because my I-home can’t figure out shuffle (I swear the only person in the world, right now, I would assassinate is Micheal Jackson). Once I get out of the shower I blow dry both my hair and clothes (I haven’t figured out air drying time, so inevitably if I want to wear something… it is still sopping wet). Then, I continue my eternal battle with Korean noodles. WWIII began on my first shopping expedition, I had the brilliant notion to buy a bunch of the same noodle cups. I brought one in to Ju who translated the directions. The next day, I realized these noodles cannot be consumed with the only utensils I own—chopsticks. Yes, just as Mothers baby-proof their houses to keep children out of unsafe areas, Koreans American-proof their noodles to keep us out of the country. These noodles have been made with extra slick and a vicious sense of humor! “Ah watch the famished American try and eat breakfast in a foreign country with medieval tools! Let’s make her rue the day she bought a cabinet full of us and force her to deplete her precious supply of power bars! He he ha ha!” Sorry I know I just wasted your time with a tirade about noodles but I wanted to publicly declare war upon them. George Bush we have found the new Axis of Noodle!

Hmmm, I had grand plans for this day of blogging but as I sat down to write my Axis of Noodle and other, I assure you, more profound thoughts, I was called down to take part in a school celebration. In Korea, apparently, you can drink on school grounds. I knew the brew I was drinking (don't ask me the name) had some alcohol in it, however, how much was not apparent until a woman came up to us with her child. She had the Vice Principal dab the alcohol we were drinking on the boys zits to dry them out. Needless to say, I am unable to write anymore. I love you all! I am going to Seoul this weekend with a Mexican/Canadian boy, who I met while he was having a beer with two Chinese was an interesting attempt at a conversation. Dustin, has been the only person I have met my age, I hope this means I'll have a buddy for a little while (he leaves in 2 months). I shall write more posts of value Monday!


Shan bam said...

I think this is one of my favorite entries so far. You become exquisitely eloquent under the influence of rubbing alcohol, or whatever it was you drank.

Kelli said...

Oh Mama, how I wish I could partake in drinking Zit-zapper with you!

Korea sounds amazing. Can I come visit?