Monday, November 3, 2008

I wonder if all Americans accidentally suffocate small children

I am a little late posting this (I still having trouble with Internet compatibilities and such) but this entry is from Sunday.
I woke up this morning determined to finish my apartment shopping. Not to toot my own horn, but I ventured down my block, found the correct bus and finished my shopping with minimal mishaps (toot toot). To further brag, I got back on the correct bus with some food and comfortable pillows. This is where my accomplishments end.
Every time you venture onto a Korean bus, it is as if you have just stepped into a Harry Potter novel and are now riding the Knight Bus. If only I was the weeble wobble that didn't fall down (but I think we all know my "inner ear problems"). So anyhow, I was lost in my own thoughts (I think trying to remember if one of the bottles I had just bought was toilet bowl cleaner or lime drink) when suddenly the bus gave a particularly large lurch. I lost track of my footing (and all of my bags) and landed pillow first on a poor boy’s face. Now, I feel as if the mother over-reacted, I mean I quickly righted myself, but wow I thought Koreans sounded angry in daily life, the language becomes quite intimidating if they are actually upset.
So, in attempts to evade the woman (and eyes of every passenger on the bus) I sit down next to a Korean girl about my age. In this seat, I found the silver lining to my asphyxiation cloud-- I made my first Korean friend! We exchanged e-mails and she speaks moderately good English. I’ll keep you posted! Oh and I just figured out, the bottle I bought is lime drink and not toilet bowl cleaner…let me tell you, that first sip was a leap of faith!

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