Monday, November 17, 2008

I am adventurous because…

I ride a Korean bus everyday! I know I have already touched upon this topic but it requires an in-depth tirade. Please know, all bus drivers are conditioned in the same manner, so my description of this one front-seat instance is applicable to all Korean bus rides!
The other day, in an attempt to avoid my usual ten minute back-trek, I chose to sit in the front seat of the bus…“logically” to see my landmark before it goes whizzing past. Little did I know this decision can be likened to choosing the front seat of a roller coaster—the intensity of the ride is compounded ten fold! My first observation; buses have no obligation to follow traffic laws... and I mean staples like red-lights. I’ve been known to “pause” at a stop sign or “blur” speed limits (or drive “without” a license) but the most regard this driver gave to a four-way intersection was to announce our approach/traffic-violation with a honk. My second observation; the bus driver ailed from a belligerent bug. Let me explain, for a majority of the ride, the driver would rhythmically sway to an easy-listening soundtrack in his head; however, it soon became apparent he was allergic to un-merging and re-merging with traffic. Basically, in all cases merging, the man sneezed aggression and sprayed hostility all over the road. I say this because his honks/swerves/bullying came and left as quickly (and unpredictably) as a sneeze—he then would resume his happy swaying.
It is thanks to this front seat episode, that I now understand why all passengers look as if they are doing the Rerun Dance. (If unfamiliar click this link It is hilarious, legs go flying, children fall, and I accidentally suffocate small boys (see previous blog).
The kicker is, I was so preoccupied with writing about the driver…I missed my stop by a fifteen-minute backtrack!

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Melanie said...

Hahaha!!! this is SOOO true about korean drivers! someone told me when i was over there that it's because the largest vehicle has right of way (unlike the other way around as in the states)... i have no idea if that's true, but they must get in accidents constantly. i actually was in a korean bus accident once... haha!

i want to go back now that i am reading this!