Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthday cake with chopsticks

I'd like to start this blog with a chant....Obama...Obama....Obama! The best birthday present I could have gotten!

Anyhow, I was a feeling lonely about my birthday. Dad, can you still make steak and broccoli in my birthday honor? JD, I would like an extra large margarita! Micheal, can you record Mom singing Happy Birthday! Regardless of my temporary blues, my motley crew foreigner family has risen to the occasion. Last night, I was surprised with a birthday cake sporting two large candles for 20 and 2 small candles for 2 (while CNN in the background was showing Obama's presidential celebration). This morning, my working Mom (JinMi) surprised me again with another cake. Its funny how everyone has a copy of my passport, so therefore, knows my birth date. I feel happy...and sick, I haven't had sweets since I left America! The kids are adorable, they sing to me in the hallways and give me their pens as presents.

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