Monday, October 29, 2012

Damn Chilean Olivers!

We've arrived. I wonder if we had held out for a year, if we would have simply been beamed to Puerto Varas under the watchful eye of Scottie. But I don't think travel technology advances as quickly as cell phones. Therefore, as it was, it took... 4 planes, layovers totaling over 14 hours, a 13 hour bus journey and one very red-eyed Amanda to get us to our beautiful destination. My favorite moment was Amanda's realization that the plane ride from Miami to San Paulo was not the hour and a half she'd projected, it was in fact 10 hours. I've never seen a more dejected plane passenger. 

Some quickie points...
-We were initially denied entry into Chile. Amanda's face upon hearing that news was priceless.  Apparently, they don't want illegal immigrants, therefore, require proof of exit before they allow entry. Last minute we all had to buy tickets to Buenos Aires (250 dollars!), tickets i'm not sure we can use for fear of this exact scenario happening once more. We'll keep you updated as to our illegal status. 

-Life out of Asia is expensive! We bought coffee and sandwiches in a cute little cafe. Savoring the cookies and attractive waiter. Those cookies must have been baked by the Dali llama...he's known for his baking...because our bill was 52 dollars! 

-Life in Santiago is also expensive if one keeps donating their wallet to the locals. Outside the bus station I bought a strawberry smoothy. I was very excited to drink said strawberry smoothy, therefore, saved 10 seconds by putting my wallet into my backpack. The wallet was gone 30 minutes later when I went to put it in its proper location. As was my decoy wallet. As was our bus tickets. There was three of us. walking in broad daylight, not in crowds. I still can't tell you how it was done, except I am a shining beacon of blond. I do hope the pickpocket was Oliver (on holiday from London of course) and the10,000 pesos he stole will buy him some fancy Chilean gruel. 
*My important stuff was in my fanny-pack stuffed under my shirt so we were only inconvenienced when we had to rebuy our bus tickets because the thieves had already refunded them. Sly devils. They also got my American license, which is sad because I just got it back from the last time it was stolen in Vietnam.   

-Supermarkets are employed by Santa’s elves. Chileans are small and they all wear red uniforms….hence, my feeling surrounded by mythical little people.

-When traveling it is important to pack articles that can dress a person and table. We’ve decorated our rooms, however, the first night out our living space will look sadly bare as scarves serve as table clothes, glasses as wall decor and necklaces as garlands.

We are currently trying to get jobs/learn Spanish/stay warm/not accidently spend a fortune on cookies. Luz, the lady we are living with, is amazing! So warm and accepting. 

We are also living with an Iranian named Sarah. We've already gotten her drunk. The next morning she was less than happy, well I should say evening, the following sentence was over her first meal of the day at 7pm. "You American girls...I can't remember anything...where is my money? How did we get home? This is my breakfast lunch and dinner...!" Leslie enquires if she had fun. "Yes of course, if I could only remember."

I am going to force myself to blog once a week. I had such a great time being home around all of you that I want to make sure we remain connected this time around. No more disappearing for 4 years. I shall strive to be better. 

I love you all!!!

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